“Ninja’s Secret Quest,” a thrilling adventure game where your ninja skills are put to the ultimate test! Navigate through challenging levels filled with monstrous foes and tricky hurdles, all while racing against time to find the hidden key. With only three lives, every move counts in this exciting quest. 


In “Ninja’s Secret Quest,” you take on the role of a daring ninja tasked with retrieving a key hidden within each level. The path to the key is fraught with danger, including a variety of monsters and obstacles that will challenge your agility and wits.

Key Features

  1. Challenging Levels: Each level presents a new set of hurdles and monsters, requiring quick thinking and precise movements. The difficulty ramps up as you progress, ensuring an engaging experience throughout the game.

  2. Mini-Map Assistance: Utilize the mini-map displayed on the screen to navigate through the level efficiently. The mini-map highlights the location of the key, helping you plan your route and avoid unnecessary dangers.

  3. Monster Encounters: Face off against different types of monsters, each with unique abilities and attack patterns. Strategize your approach to defeat them or find ways to sneak past without engaging in combat.

  4. Power-Ups and Items: Collect power-ups and special items scattered throughout the levels to boost your abilities, gain temporary invincibility, or replenish your health. These can be game-changers in tight situations.

  5. Stunning Graphics: Immerse yourself in a visually captivating world with beautifully designed levels and detailed environments. Each level offers a unique setting, from dark forests to ancient temples, enhancing the adventure experience.

Supported by Startup India

GauravGo Games Technologies is supported by Startup India & Startup Odisha. The support of Startup India & Startup Odisha is a testament to the potential of GauravGo Games Technologies and their vision for the metaverse gaming industry in India.

Released On

11 June 2024


GauravGo Games



File Size

228 MB


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