Dream Stack

“Dream Stack” invites players into a mesmerizing world of cube stacking adventure. Set against a backdrop of enchanting landscapes and dreamy music, this game challenges players to stack colorful cubes with precision and skill.

Embark on a journey through vibrant levels, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities. As you progress, stack new cube with fast moving cubes and special power-ups to enhance your stacking abilities. Navigate through speed and tricky cube shapes to reach greater heights and achieve higher scores.

Compete with friends or climb global leaderboards in the quest to build the tallest tower. With its captivating visuals, soothing ambiance, and addictive gameplay, “Dream Stack” offers an immersive experience that will keep you stacking cubes for hours on end.

Supported by Startup India

GauravGo Games Technologies is supported by Startup India & Startup Odisha. The support of Startup India & Startup Odisha is a testament to the potential of GauravGo Games Technologies and their vision for the metaverse gaming industry in India.

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Coming Soon


GauravGo Games



File Size

Approx – 50 MB


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