• Bharat's Own Battle Royale
  • Strike & Encounter For Nation By Abhinandan SENA
  • The Legend Of Biju PatnaikBhoomiputra

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Ninja’s Secret Quest is a thrilling adventure game where your ninja skills are put to the ultimate test! Navigate through challenging levels filled with monstrous foes and tricky hurdles, all while racing against time to find the hidden key.

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Bubble Blast Bash

Bubble Blast Bash – A fun to play game developed by GauravGo Games. “Bubble Blast Bash” is an entertaining game that challenges players to pop colorful bubbles in a fast-paced and strategic environment.

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SENA : Bharat’s Own Battle Royale (NEW)

Gauravgo Games Technologies is a startup on a mission to revolutionize the gaming industry in India. The company is currently developing India’s first battle royale game, SENA, which promises to be unlike any other game in the market.

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Bhoomiputra – The Legend Of Biju Patnaik

This game is made in the honor of our honorable ex-chief minister Lt. Biju Patnaik. Biju Patnaik, who was an ace pilot, had flown the Dakota to Java with his wife Gyan Patnaik, also a pilot, to rescue Sultan Sjahrir and Achmad Sukarno, freedom fighters of Indonesia from a jungle hideout in 1947. This whole story is depicted in the form of the game Bhoomiputra.

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SENA : Strike & Encounter For Nation By Abhinandan(OLD)

The Game “SENA” (Strike & Encounter For Nation By Abhinandan ) revolves around the storyline of Air-strike done by indian air force and its millitants to take the revenge of pulwama attack done by pakistani terrorist group jaish-e-mohammad. IAF Capitan takes on air to do a Sergical strike over terrorist groups.

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GauravGo Games isn't just revolutionizing gaming, we're peering into the future. By exploring Metaverse . Crafting immersive experiences that blur the lines between reality and the virtual world. This paves the way for a future where gamers can enjoy & earn at the same time .
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Over a billion youths aspire to earn while enjoying life but grapple with loneliness, financial constraints, and depression.


Imagine a gamified metaverse world where users can earn while playing, exploring, connecting, and enjoying all without any fees.

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2 PC games , 1M+ downloads , 9X ROI, 2 Grant Received , Appreciated by PMO India

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